Złote Tarasy


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Złote Tarasy - Poland
Złote Tarasy - Poland
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Złote Tarasy
📍 Poland
Złote Tarasy is a shopping mall located in the heart of Warszawa, Poland. This luxurious shopping center consists of five floors of international stores, cafes, a cinema, a food court and a terrace-style restaurant overlooking the city’s rooftops. With its prominent glass façade and modern interior, Złote Tarasy stands out as an iconic part of the Polish capital, and is a must-visit for tourists and photographers alike. For travelers, there’s no shortage of stores to explore, from fashion boutiques to banks, cafés and souvenir shops. There’s even a play park inside the shopping center to keep the kids entertained. At the center of the mall, you’ll find Warsaw’s premier cinema, Kinoteka, where you can catch all the latest international films. Be sure to visit the terrace restaurant and have a pizza or burger while enjoying the sweeping views of the city. Whether you’re looking to shop, eat or explore, Złote Tarasy is the place to go in Warsaw.

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