Yaquina Head Lighthouse


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Yaquina Head Lighthouse - United States
Yaquina Head Lighthouse - United States
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Yaquina Head Lighthouse
📍 United States
Yaquina Head Lighthouse, located in Newport, Oregon, is one of the oldest lighthouses on the west coast of the United States. It has been in service since 1873 and can be seen from as far away as 25 miles out in the Pacific Ocean. It stands 93 feet above sea level and is now part of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area which is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Visitors can explore the lighthouse, take a self-guided tour, learn the history of the lighthouse and take in spectacular views of the ocean. There is also a natural history center, hiking trails, and a variety of bird and marine wildlife. You may even spot whales, seals, or sea lions while exploring the area. Yaquina Head Lighthouse is a great destination for travelers and photographers alike, providing some truly breathtaking views.

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