Will Rogers Memorial Park


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Will Rogers Memorial Park - United States
Will Rogers Memorial Park - United States
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Will Rogers Memorial Park
📍 United States
Will Rogers Memorial Park is an 8.9 acre public park located in the heart of Beverly Hills, in the United States. The park is the tranquil home of larger-than-life bronze statues of Will Rogers and his horse Topsy, which complement the verdant scenery. A small path leading from the entrance plaza up a gentle hill passes artistic landscapes of colorful roses, shaded picnic areas, terraced cascades, and curved walks. It also provides breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles. There are two Japanese gardens, one in which visitors can take a serene walk through a footbridge, ponds and koi fish. The second Japanese garden is a place for contemplation and inspiration, with a large Buddha monument, several ponds and unique stone sculptures. There is also a Garden of Poets and Musicians, which is a reflection of the arts. Other features of the park include a bronze statue of Will Rogers on a horse that overlooks the surrounding area, an amphitheatre and a children’s playground.

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