Wayfarers Chapel


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Wayfarers Chapel - 从 Inside, United States
Wayfarers Chapel - 从 Inside, United States
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Wayfarers Chapel
📍 从 Inside, United States
Wayfarers Chapel, located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, is a peaceful chapel dedicated to providing space where spiritual renewal can take place. Designed by Lloyd Wright, this remarkable chapel is situated among majestic, native California trees. The non-denomination chapel stands as a tribute to nature, beauty, and family. Its very name comes from the fact that, from the chapel's entrance, one can see the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean, beckoning travelers and spiritual seekers. The chapel welcomes everyone of all faiths and beliefs, to come and sit in its tranquil surroundings. Its stunning glass walls create the look of the chapel being surrounded by the trees, while its wood and stone walls lend a feel of being in the embrace of nature. A great location for photography and to connect with spirituality.

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