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Wachwechsel - 从 Outer Courtyard (Parade Square), Sweden
Wachwechsel - 从 Outer Courtyard (Parade Square), Sweden
📍 从 Outer Courtyard (Parade Square), Sweden
Wachwechsel and Outer Courtyard, located in the Södermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden, are two of the city's most iconic and beloved attractions. Wachwechsel, or literally 'change of guard', is a grand and sweeping courtyard lined with grandiose red brick buildings and surrounded by four majestic towers. This is a historical square, having been in use since the 17th century, and today it serves as both a popular tourist spot and gathering place for local Stockholmers.

The courtyard is famous for its large cobblestone levels and graciously lit with gas lanterns. The beauty of this location lies in its combination of historic architecture and design with a modern and bustling atmosphere. There are often visitors enjoying coffee in the cafes that are scattered around the square and the doors of the red-bricked buildings are usually open – a sign of their modern urban purpose. The Outer Courtyard, also known as Parade Square, is the largest open square in Stockholm, measuring more than 400 square meters. It's home to the yearly Stockholm Marathon and is often filled with cheerful activities, from dog-walking to music concerts. As a traveler, there's plenty to explore here. Take a leisurely stroll, admire the sights, or take a guided tour for a unique way to experience a slice of Swedish culture and history.

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