Victuals Market


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Victuals Market - Germany
Victuals Market - Germany
Victuals Market
📍 Germany
Victuals Market in München, Germany, is located in the city's Viktualienmarkt square. It is one of the oldest markets in the city and is one of six daily markets in München. It is a great place to explore traditional wares like fresh meats, cheese, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Visitors come from near and far to explore the many traditional Bavarian delicacies that line the stalls. Visitors can also find some great souvenirs like postcards, leather goods, antiques and trinkets. There is also a beer garden, which features a variety of German beers. The Viktualienmarkt square is also home to many festivals and special events throughout the year. It is an amazing place to explore the sights and sounds of traditional Bavarian culture.

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