Vermilion Lakes


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Vermilion Lakes - 从 Road, Canada
Vermilion Lakes - 从 Road, Canada
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Vermilion Lakes
📍 从 Road, Canada
Located in the stunning mountain views of Banff National Park in Canada, Vermilion Lakes offer spectacular sights for travelers and photographers. This beautiful chain of three glacially-fed lakes are situated at the eastern edge of Banff town, with Mount Rundle and Sulphur Mountain providing a picturesque backdrop. The lakes, which are connected by a meandering stretch of the Bow River, put on a stunning show of blues, purples, and greens that vary with the fluctuating natural light. The area is ideal for leisurely strolls and bird watching, with plenty of beginner-level trails for the novice hiker. To make the most of this spot, make sure to bring your camera and capture the stunning morning sunrise or late-evening sunsets.

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