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Transfagarasanraod - 从 Karpaten, Romania
Transfagarasanraod - 从 Karpaten, Romania
📍 从 Karpaten, Romania
Transfagarasanroad, located in Comuna Cârțișoara, Romania, is one of the most scenic roads in Europe. It runs 90 km through a stunning landscape of picturesque mountains, valleys and dense forests. The road winds itself through the Făgăraș Mountains and is considered an engineering masterpiece. The highest point is over 2034 meters high, boasts multiple switchbacks and curves and offers some of the most spectacular views one may ever see. For travelers, the Transfagarasanroad provides a fantastic opportunity to witness one of Romania’s most beautiful and unforgiving landscapes with numerous lookout points and waterfalls dotting the road. Hiking trails, camping sites and various mountain trails are also available for those who are looking for a more adventurous journey. Wildlife can also be spotted along the road, including deer, wild boar, and possibly even a bear! There is also a Museum of Transfagarasan, located at Balea Lake, which is a must-see for any traveler.

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