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Toronto - 从 Harbour Square, Canada
Toronto - 从 Harbour Square, Canada
📍 从 Harbour Square, Canada
Toronto's Harbourfront is a lively waterfront area, stretching from Bathurst Street in the West to Parliament Street in the East. Home to numerous parks, cultural attractions and recreational activities, it is one of the most vibrant and inviting waterfronts in the world. Visitors to the area are often amazed by the stunning architectural skyline found along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. From the bright and bustling Distillery District, to the romantic and calming Queen's Quay Promenade, the Harbour Square District offers numerous unique experiences for both visitors and locals alike. You can catch the ferry from either Jack Layton Ferry Terminal or the Toronto Island Airport, with the latter also offering boat rides and special cruises. Other main attractions in the Harbourfront area include HTO Park (which is great for picnics), Harbourfront Centre (a showcase of plays, concerts and visual arts exhibitions) and Ontario Place (a theme park, amphitheater and public market). With beautiful scenery, a wide range of activities, and a large variety of venues to explore, Toronto's Harbourfront is worth a visit for anyone looking for some fun in the sun or a unique Canadian experience.

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