The Lighthouse


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The Lighthouse - 从 Inside, United Kingdom
The Lighthouse - 从 Inside, United Kingdom
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The Lighthouse
📍 从 Inside, United Kingdom
The Lighthouse in Glasgow City, United Kingdom is an iconic landmark building situated in the city center, near Glasgow Cathedral and close to River Clyde. It serves as the Centre for Design and Architecture for the City and features a wide variety of exhibitions and activities for the public. Formerly known as the Glasgow Herald Building, The Lighthouse was opened to the public in 1999. Built in 1895, the building stands at a height of 37 meters and is renowned for its tall angular steel spire that looks over the city skyline. It offers views of the city and beyond, as well as insight into Glasgow’s past and its industrial contributions throughout history. The Lighthouse holds events and workshops on architecture, design and innovation throughout the year and is a must visit location when in Glasgow.

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