The Gherkin


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The Gherkin - 从 Below, United Kingdom
The Gherkin - 从 Below, United Kingdom
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The Gherkin
📍 从 Below, United Kingdom
The Gherkin is an iconic modern architecture building located in the City of London, the financial and cultural center of the United Kingdom. It is one of a few prominent London skyscrapers and serves as a symbol of modernity and progress in London, having being erected in 2003. Its distinctive shape sets it apart from the other buildings in the city. It stands 180 meters high, has 41 floors and was designed by Norman Foster from the world renowned Foster and Partners firm. It is a Grade-A office building, located in a very active financial district, which leads to the building being highly secured. Nevertheless, visitors can admire its architecture from the outside and encounter the bristling financial atmosphere of the surroundings. The nearest metro station to reach the Gherkin is Bank.

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