Tate Modern


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Tate Modern - 从 Backyard, United Kingdom
Tate Modern - 从 Backyard, United Kingdom
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Tate Modern
📍 从 Backyard, United Kingdom
Tate Modern is an iconic museum in Greater London, United Kingdom, situated in the Bankside part of the city. Originally intended as an electricity generating station, it was converted into an art gallery in the 1990s and now houses an extensive permanent collection featuring pieces by some of the biggest names in the art world, as well as an extensive range of temporary exhibitions.

The main building is arranged over seven levels and boasts a rooftop restaurant, café bar and bookshop. There is even a children's activity centre offering workshops and art-based activities for younger visitors. Tate Modern also boasts a vast riverside terrace, perfect for enjoying the picturesque views of the River Thames. Tate Modern isn't just a traditional gallery, it is a place for everyone to enjoy modern art in an exciting and interactive environment, with plenty of activities and resources available for visitors. Whether you are looking for a unique art experience or just an opportunity to spend some time exploring the culture and creativity of Tate Modern, this museum is sure to have something to offer.

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