Svartifoss Waterfall


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Svartifoss Waterfall - Iceland
Svartifoss Waterfall - Iceland
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Svartifoss Waterfall
📍 Iceland
Svartifoss Waterfall is located in Skaftafell, Iceland and is one of the most visited and photographed waterfalls in the country. It is 30 meters (100 feet) tall and flows from the Black Glacier, hence its name, Svartifoss (“Black Waterfall” in Icelandic). It's unique feature is the basalt pillars form hexagonal shapes, creating an amazing backdrop for photography and making for a truly unique experience. Svartifoss is within the Skaftafell Nature Reserve and part of Vatnajökull National Park, one of the greatest attractions in Iceland. Visitors to the area can take a short 1-2 km hike through glaciated terrain, passing the waterfall, which can be seen and heard from the picturesque viewpoint. During the summer the waterfall can flow more powerfully, while during the winter freeze more static poses can be captured. Be sure to bring good waterproof shoes, warm clothing, food and shelter in case of unexpected bad weather.

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