Staryy Mayak


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Staryy Mayak - 从 Beach, Ukraine
Staryy Mayak - 从 Beach, Ukraine
Staryy Mayak
📍 从 Beach, Ukraine
The sleepy town of Luzern, Switzerland, is one of the most picturesque in the country. As one of the few towns to survive the Great Fire of 1415 and thereby maintain its Old Town untouched by development and modern buildings, Luzern is a must-see for any traveler to Switzerland and aspiring photographer. From the iconic Chapel Bridge to the stunning waterside setting of the city, Luzern is a delightful place to explore. Notable attractions include the Lion Monument, which commemorates an event during the Swiss Revolution in the 13th century, and the Hill River, which is great for fishing, canoeing, and walking tours of the lakeside villages. With its quaint medieval buildings, rolling hills, and fresh mountain air, Luzern is sure to capture your heart.

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