Staria Grad


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Staria Grad - 从 Riverside, Bulgaria
Staria Grad - 从 Riverside, Bulgaria
Staria Grad
📍 从 Riverside, Bulgaria
Stara Grad (Old Town) is an exceptional example of urban succession, with remains of more than 3,000 years of history that are among the best preserved in Europe. It is an open-air history museum, a medieval town within modern Nessebur in Bulgaria, located on a small peninsula jutting into the Black Sea, also known as The Bulgarian Constantinople. St. Sofia Church, built in the 5th century, features remarkable 13th century frescos. One of the town’s greatest cultural treasures is the 11th century baths, built in the old Ottoman style. The Archeological Museum was once a medieval house, and now presents an interesting collection of artifacts from Stara Grad. The covered bazaar nearby is very picturesque and the sandy beaches of Nessebur a great place for summer fun.

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