St. Isaac's Cathedral


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St. Isaac's Cathedral - Russia
St. Isaac's Cathedral - Russia
St. Isaac's Cathedral
📍 Russia
St. Isaac's Cathedral is a stunning architectural masterpiece located in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia. From the outside the building looks like a magnificent neoclassical structure made out of white stone with a grand dome on top. Inside, St. Isaac's Cathedral is an elaborate work of art, with its spectacular interiors boasting over one hundred intricately designed mosaics and eight massive paintings of angels. For photographers, St. Isaac's Cathedral provides a variety of perspectives thanks to its broad columns, majestic archways and beautiful domes. There are numerous places to find unique angles around the building, such as the picturesque colonnade and roof terrace offering a stunning view over the city. For travelers, St. Isaac's Cathedral is a must-see destination, as it is not only full of historical and artistic treasures, but also reflective of its fierce Russian heritage.

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