Seven Dials


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Seven Dials - United Kingdom
Seven Dials - United Kingdom
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Seven Dials
📍 United Kingdom
Seven Dials is an area located in the West End of London, England, in the borough of Camden. It lies at the junction of seven streets - Earlham Street, Neal Street, Shorts Garden, Monmouth Street, Endell Street, Mercer Street and St Michaels Street. The area was initially developed by Thomas Neale back in 1690 and some of the buildings in the area are built in a classical style. It is home to a variety of independent boutiques, cafes, pubs and restaurants, making it a vibrant and chic spot in London. It also serves as a venue for different events throughout the year like music concerts, movie screenings and flea markets. So, if you want to catch up with the latest happening in London, Seven Dials will surely be your go-to spot.

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