Seoul Museum of History


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Seoul Museum of History - 从 Inside, South Korea
Seoul Museum of History - 从 Inside, South Korea
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Seoul Museum of History
📍 从 Inside, South Korea
The Seoul Museum of History is a great place for those looking for insight into the rich culture and storied tradition of South Korea's capital. This museum is dedicated to the history of Seoul since the capital's founding more than 600 years ago. It is filled with artifacts, documents, photos, videos, and interactive displays, offering visitors a glimpse into the experience of living in Seoul past, present, and future. With its well-maintained yet somewhat confusing exhibits, it can be a bit confusing to navigate, but the museum's well-trained and friendly staff are more than willing to help. There are plenty of history-themed activities to choose from, as well as a cafe and a bookstore where visitors can take home souvenirs. Admission is free and special cultural events are sometimes held here, so it is definitely worth a visit.

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