Scout Lookout


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Scout Lookout - United States
Scout Lookout - United States
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Scout Lookout
📍 United States
Scout Lookout, in Springdale, United States is one of the most popular hiking spots in the area. Situated atop a mesa in the Zion National Park, this viewpoint provides spectacular views of the surrounding region. You can take in the amazing natural scenery, with its unique rock formations and vibrant, red canyon walls. From the top of the lookout, you can also gaze upon the vibrant Zion Valley below. Not surprisingly, Scout Lookout is a popular destination for hikers, with countless tourists flocking to this spot each year to take in the incredible views. However, if you'd rather enjoy a quiet moment without the crowds, this is a great place to do it, as it is located away from livelier areas. Whether you take a sunrise or sunset hike to the top, you'll be astonished by the amazing vistas here.

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