Sant Fèlix Church


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Sant Fèlix Church - 从 Inside, Spain
Sant Fèlix Church - 从 Inside, Spain
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Sant Fèlix Church
📍 从 Inside, Spain
Sant Fèlix Church, in Sabadell, Spain, is a Baroque Church located in the small town of Sabadell, near Barcelona. The Church was built between 1711 and 1743, based on the plans of the architect Joan Roig i Soler, who also created the Sabadell City Hall. Designed in the Baroque style, the Church is best known for its striking façade and beautiful interior. The interior includes several large paintings and sculptures, as well as detailed frescoes and stained glass windows. The Church also features a large bell tower and ornate organ. The Church is open to visitors who wish to admire its beauty and history.

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