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Public Library - 从 Inside, United States
Public Library - 从 Inside, United States
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Public Library
📍 从 Inside, United States
The iconic New York Public Library is a must-visit for any traveler in the Big Apple. Housed in an impressive Beaux-Arts building on Fifth Avenue, the library, which opened in 1911, is the largest public library in North America. Visitors can explore the building’s innovative public spaces, richly appointed period rooms, and a majestic central staircase. The library boasts more than 50 million items in its collection, including books, manuscripts, recordings, photographs, architectural drawings, prints and ephemera, as well as a world-renowned art and map collection. It also serves as a research point for scholars as well as a resource center for members of the general public. Free tours are offered on a regular basis, which provide a detailed look at the Library and its incredible resource holdings.

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