Ponte Maceira


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Ponte Maceira - 从 Rio Tambre, Spain
Ponte Maceira - 从 Rio Tambre, Spain
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Ponte Maceira
📍 从 Rio Tambre, Spain
Ponte Maceira is a stone bridge located in Ames, Spain, on the Tambre River. The original bridge was built in the middle of the 12th century, but has been modified multiple times since then. It is currently known as The Roman Bridge, although that name is an anachronism as it does not have any Roman elements. The bridge has a single round arch and features two coats of arms on the stonework, one which includes a lion and the other a mortar, symbols of the Ferrol dynasty. Although the Ponte Maceira is no longer used for crossing the river, it offers great views of the Tambre Valley, the sky during sunset and the village of Ames. The bridge is a popular spot for tourists and photographers, and it is considered a part of the cultural heritage of Galicia.

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