Pont De Ré


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Pont De Ré - 从 Below, France
Pont De Ré - 从 Below, France
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Pont De Ré
📍 从 Below, France
Pont De Ré is an impressive bridge located in the small commune of Rivedoux-Plage, France. It crosses the Coubre channel, connecting the mainland to the Ile de Ré. Built in 1706, this bridge has 16 spans and is located in the south of La Rochelle, close to the Fouras peninsula. Pont de Ré is the second longest bridge over the Coubre channel, and the longest to cross it on a regular basis. It is also the longest wooden bridge in Europe and one of the most recognizable sights in the Charente-Maritime region. As residents of the Ile de Ré depend on cars for transportation, the bridge is a very busy one and suffers from heavy traffic. Travellers and photographers can still stop by for a beautiful view of the bridge, and find nearby accommodations, beaches, mansions and other attractions.

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