Point Cabrillo Lighthouse


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Point Cabrillo Lighthouse - United States
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse - United States
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Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
📍 United States
Point Cabrillo Light Station is a historic lighthouse located on a rocky headland five miles north of Mendocino, California. Built in 1909, it is the first major landmark visited by boats and ships entering the harbor of Mendocino. The lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction and it is surrounded by a historical museum, a preserve and a park that offer daily walks, stunning cliffside views and a breathtaking array of wildflowers. The light station is still home to the historic Fresnel lens and active foghorn, which operates each day from sunset to sunrise. Take a stroll and explore the remains of a signal station, a carpenter shop, a blacksmith shop, and a 100-year-old steam whistle. To fully appreciate the beauty of the light station and its surrounds, walking the easy trails, which are open every day from dawn to dusk, is a must.

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