Phare De Chassiron


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Phare De Chassiron - 从 Chaleroi, France
Phare De Chassiron - 从 Chaleroi, France
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Phare De Chassiron
📍 从 Chaleroi, France
The Phare De Chassiron, located in Saint-Denis-d'Oléron, France is an iconic lighthouse situated at the western entrance to the island of Oléron, in the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse was built in 1834 and stands 38 metres (125 feet) high. It has a rotating beam of light that can be seen over a distance of 15 kilometres (9 miles). It serves as a beacon to warn ships of the dangerous grounds nearby and to assist mariners with navigating the surrounding coast. The lighthouse is open to visitors who can enjoy the scenic coastal views from the top of the structure. There is a Visitor Centre located nearby which offers guided tours, exhibits and educational activities related to the lighthouses and the surrounding coast. From the cliff tops, visitors can also view bird life in the area and the adjacent harbour.

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