Petra tou Romiou


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Petra tou Romiou - Cyprus
Petra tou Romiou - Cyprus
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Petra tou Romiou
📍 Cyprus
Petra tou Romiou or the Rock of Aphrodite is a naturally formed rock formation situated on the coast of Kouklia village in the Paphos District, in southern Cyprus. It is renowned across the island for being the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. The legend goes that after rising from the sea’s foam, Aphrodite took a step on the rock, which is said to be alive with eternal love and posses supernatural powers said to bring love and luck to its visitors. Legend also states that lovers kissing the rock will achieve eternal love and fertility. Visitors can also appreciate stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from the shores of the Rock. It is a popular spot for swimmers and snorkelers and a great stop for a selfie.

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