Pedestrian Bridge


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Pedestrian Bridge - 从 Path, United States
Pedestrian Bridge - 从 Path, United States
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Pedestrian Bridge
📍 从 Path, United States
The Pedestrian Bridge in Tempe, United States is the only pedestrian bridge in the US that has won the National ENR Achievement Award. It is a 453-meter steel pedestrian and bike bridge that crosses the Salt River. It opened in 2015 and features two suspension towers and two river piers on the bridge. The bridge connects the Tempe Town Lake with the adjacent Papago Park, creating an exciting new connection that allows pedestrians and cyclists to explore the park with ease. The view from the bridge is spectacular, offering a unique view of the Tempe Town Lake and the Verde River. It is the ideal spot for leisurely strolls, sunset picnics, and sightseeing. It is a great place to check out the different plant species of the area, as well as a variety of birds, reptiles, and wildflowers. There are also Native American artifacts throughout the area, including ancient petroglyphs, which can be admired from the bridge.

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