Pawnee Peak


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Pawnee Peak - 从 Trail, United States
Pawnee Peak - 从 Trail, United States
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Pawnee Peak
📍 从 Trail, United States
Pawnee Peak, in Allenspark, United States is an easily accessible summit for anyone in the Colorado Rockies. With an elevation of about 12,500 feet and a trail length of 4.4 miles round trip, it’s a great long day hike that offers stunning views of the Front Range and Continental Divide. The hike starts in the vibrant pine forests of the Roosevelt National Forest and gradually ascends to the summit, passing over wildflower meadows and granite outcroppings along the way. It’s a fairly moderate hike, with a few spots of steep climbing, and a couple of sections that require some scrambling up the rocky ridge. It’s important to carry plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing, as much of the hike is exposed with little shade. Once you reach the summit, expect grand views of the Indian Peaks and the Continental Divide in the distance. It is also a popular spot for rock climbers, bird watchers, and wildflower admirers.

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