Paphos Harbour


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Paphos Harbour - 从 Harbour, Cyprus
Paphos Harbour - 从 Harbour, Cyprus
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Paphos Harbour
📍 从 Harbour, Cyprus
Paphos Harbour, located in Paphos, Cyprus, is a stunning waterfront promenade with a Mediterranean port. Lined with a variety of restaurants, shops, and bars, visitors will also find a colourful and vibrant atmosphere. Those taking a stroll along the harbour front can enjoy the stunning views of the glimmering Mediterranean Sea, dotted with boats and sailboats. Enjoy the beauty of Byzantine mosaics, the charming fortress, tranquil gardens, the Upper Harbour and the beautiful lighthouse. Be sure to visit the historic Paphos Medieval Castle, with its cobbled entrance, impressive courtyard, and ancient chapel, as well as the ancient ruins found at the site. Whether visiting for a day or several weeks, Paphos Harbour offers visitors a beautiful view of one of the Mediterranean’s most fashionable and popular ports.

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