Palazzo Doria Tursi


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Palazzo Doria Tursi - Italy
Palazzo Doria Tursi - Italy
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Palazzo Doria Tursi
📍 Italy
Palazzo Doria Tursi is a magnificent palace located in Genova, Italy. Its origins date back to medieval times, when it was owned by Adorno and Fregosa families. Later, in 1703, the palace was purchased by the Doria Tursi family and subsequently, in 1737, it was sold to the Noble family Tursi Pallavicini. The building is renowned for its beautiful marble façade adorned with decorations and sculptures. Inside, visitors can admire frescoed ceilings, grand halls, and splendid paintings. The palace also features a library with a rich collection including over 10,000 books and 1,500 manuscripts. Today, it serves as the seat of the city government of Genova and hosts several cultural events.

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