Palazzo dell'Università


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Palazzo dell'Università - Italy
Palazzo dell'Università - Italy
Palazzo dell'Università
📍 Italy
The Palazzo dell’Università, located in the historic town of Martina Franca, is a stunning baroque palace believed to have been designed by the renowned architect Giuseppe Zimbalo. Originally built as a Jesuit college in 1720, the building was later converted into the city’s university of philosophy and letters. Its design is impressive, featuring a central courtyard, and balconies with a grand terrace from which one can see the city's magnificent views. Inside the building are two large, ornate halls adorned with frescoes, gilding and statues. The palace offers a unique experience combining the charm of 18th century architecture and the ambiance of an academic institution. Visitors to Martina Franca should not miss the opportunity to take a tour of this gorgeous building.

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