North Falls


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North Falls - 从 Drone, United States
North Falls - 从 Drone, United States
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North Falls
📍 从 Drone, United States
North Falls, located in Drake Crossing, Oregon, USA is a spectacular and picturesque waterfall located in the Willamette National Forest. Fed by its source, the Middle North Fork of the Willamette River, the falls are composed of two cascades with unspoiled views that can be enjoyed from the nearby viewpoint situated at the end of the path. The falls cascade down 115 feet and span across an expansive 75 feet of flat rock and greenery. At the base of the falls, a pool of water has formed, perfect for swimming and enjoying a cool dip in the summer months. Hiking around the falls offer chance to view a wide variety of wildlife, such as vagrant bald eagles and ospreys, black bears, and a range of other wildlife. Parking is available and the falls are pet friendly.

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