Nine Arches Bridge


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Nine Arches Bridge - 从 Viewpoint, Sri Lanka
Nine Arches Bridge - 从 Viewpoint, Sri Lanka
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Nine Arches Bridge
📍 从 Viewpoint, Sri Lanka
Nine Arches Bridge, also known as 'Kithulana Ella' bridge, is an iconic railway bridge located in Demodara, Badulla in Sri Lanka. The bridge stands 30-meters-high and spans 91 meters in length, crossing the picturesque Maha Oya River. It is quite remarkable that this bridge was built entirely without using any cement or steel, instead relying on ancient engineering practices. The nine arches are constructed in such a way that each arch supports its neighbor. The natural beauty of the area near the bridge is spectacular and a popular spot to visit. It's not just the bridge that makes this area so stunning, but also the surrounding hills and cascading waterfalls, which add to the charm of the spot. Visitors can take a train ride over the bridge and enjoy the natural beauty of rural Sri Lanka while crossing over it. However, the best way to see the bridge is definitely from the ground level, allowing you to feel its enormity, marvel at its craftsmanship, and take in its captivating setting.

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