New River Gorge Bridge


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New River Gorge Bridge - United States
New River Gorge Bridge - United States
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New River Gorge Bridge
📍 United States
The New River Gorge Bridge, located in Lansing, West Virginia, USA, is a magnificent steel arch bridge that spans 876 feet across the New River Gorge. It is the third highest bridge in the United States, the highest that is open to vehicular traffic, and symbolizes the industrial development of West Virginia, US. Completed in October 1977, the New River Gorge Bridge is an iconic structure that draws photographers from around the world to capture its inspiring beauty. The bridge is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape that includes 1,000-foot deep river gorges and lush, green forests, as well as quaint little towns dotting the region. Hiking and bird-watching are also popular activities in the area. The bridge is easily accessible by car and there is plenty of parking at the bridge. So, go and explore the beauty of this impressive landmark!

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