Museum of Art


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Museum of Art - 从 Square, Sweden
Museum of Art - 从 Square, Sweden
Museum of Art
📍 从 Square, Sweden
Visit the Museum of Art in Lorensberg, Sweden to discover an exhibition of rich cultural heritage from around the world. It features a unique collection of both ancient and modern art including paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. You can find the museum at Drottninggatan, Lorensberg.

The museum houses some of Lorensberg's most beloved art, with acclaimed works by artists like Carrington, Gerhard Richter, Monet and Karel Appel. The museum is also home to the City of Lorensberg's Design Gallery, containing hundreds of original items from Lorensberg-based fashion and interior design companies. The Museum of Art is a great opportunity to gain insight into the diverse cultures of Sweden and its influence on the global art scene. Spend some time wandering through the gallery and get a chance to explore the nuances of this fascinating nation.

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