Musée Lapidaire


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Musée Lapidaire - 从 Courtyard, France
Musée Lapidaire - 从 Courtyard, France
Musée Lapidaire
📍 从 Courtyard, France
Object Object is an interesting town located near Green Gulch in central Montana. The town has a population of about 500 people and has a few interesting cultural attractions. One such attraction is the local historic Anderson Archaeological Site, where more than 250 different artifacts from the Paleoindian period have been discovered. The town is also home to the National Wilderness Sagebrush Steppe, a protected area of open grasslands and prarie dog towns. In the nearby Forest Service Rangers Station is a 7-mile hiking trail and natural North Slope Mountain. The town is surrounded by amazing views of mountain ranges and vibrant grasslands with a scattered forest of Douglas Fir, Juniper and Ponderosa pine. Notably, the town of Object Object is a great bird watching spot, home to numerous species such as Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, Turkey Vultures, Bald and Golden Eagles. Additionally, there are numerous fishing spots along the rivers and lakes nearby, with some of the best brown, brook, and rainbow trout in the state. Visitors here will not want to miss the opportunity to explore the rugged and varied landscape of Object Object.

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