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Mountain - 从 Black Beach, Iceland
Mountain - 从 Black Beach, Iceland
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📍 从 Black Beach, Iceland
Black Beach is located in the Vík í Mýrdal region of South Iceland. Stretching for about 4 km and surrounded by vast black sand fields, the beach is a majestic spectacle. The entire region around the beach is covered in volcanic sand and pebbles, contrasting the emerald green waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This makes the beach and its surroundings so much more spectacular. One of the main features of the beach is the enormous volcanic sea caves. The surfers and adventurers will be delighted to reveal the range of wildness that nature has to offer. Along the shoreline, there are stunning basalt columns catching the sunset light, creating a mesmerizing view. Birdwatchers, photographers and explorers will not want to miss out on the rolling hills and vast landscapes surrounding the beach.

You will admire the beautiful basalt cliffs, which are a popular spot for watching the amazing Arctic terns. At the top of the beach, the raging Mýrdalsjökull glaciers can be appreciated. Black Beach is not only a paradise for sightseeing, but also for those who seek the adventure of the sea. Enjoy whale-watching, sea kayaking, fishing and diving.

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