Moss over Rocks


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Moss over Rocks - 从 Road, Iceland
Moss over Rocks - 从 Road, Iceland
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Moss over Rocks
📍 从 Road, Iceland
Moss over Rocks is a stunning, one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon located in Iceland. This surreal rust-colored rock formation is sprinkled with bright green moss and to top it off, there are rolling hills in the background that are covered with lush vegetation. This natural beauty can be enjoyed by a leisurely drive along Autoroute 1 or a hike across the plains. It is a great location for photographers as the natural formation provides an excellent source of photographic subjects and also provides a great foreground for landscape photography. Visitors to Moss over Rocks can also take away something unique from this amazing location—it is home to the world's largest polar bear carve-out!

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