Mirror Lake


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Mirror Lake - United States
Mirror Lake - United States
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Mirror Lake
📍 United States
Mirror Lake is a picturesque alpine lake situated near the Rocky Mountain National Park in Allenspark, Colorado. This breathtaking spot is accessible by a short and easy 0.5-mile hike through the subalpine forest and meadows. The shimmering lake is surrounded by meadow grasses, Aspen trees and towering mountains. At Mirror Lake it is possible to peacefully fish, canoe, swim, or simply enjoy the serenity of the lake. Accessing the lake offers great opportunities to observe a variety of local flora & fauna. The lake is home to beavers, deer, fish, birds, and other wildlife. Photography at Mirror Lake is spectacular and can be done from the shore or from private boats. You can also take a guided horse or llama tour to explore the area.

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