Minas de Buferrera


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Minas de Buferrera - Spain
Minas de Buferrera - Spain
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Minas de Buferrera
📍 Spain
Minas de Buferrera is a spectacular historic mine located in the Sierra de Peñarrubia located in Gamonedo de Onís, Spain. The mine's most dramatic feature is a 38 meter long mining gallery, partially dug into a hillside, from which are extracted large, irregular blocks of granite. Minas de Buferrera holds an energy of its own, which preserves its secrets and stories of men who worked and lived here since ancient times. The guide will talk about the history, culture and working methods used in the mines. The tour ends with a complete tour of the galleries. Visitors will also be able to enjoy views of the nearby valleys, oak and birch forests, and bask in the peace of its natural setting.

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