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Marina - 从 Riverside, Poland
Marina - 从 Riverside, Poland
📍 从 Riverside, Poland
Wrocław's Marina is an idyllic area located on the bank of the Oder River, in the western part of the city. It is an ensemble of picturesque restaurants and pubs, lined along the embankment and overlooking a promenade, the historic flooding areas and the River Oder. The main attractions at this area are the islands, the old Ostrów Tumski, the port, and the numerous bridges to the east side of the city, where many of the city´s culture and entertainment can be found. A few minutes of walking will take you to the historic Old Town, or to dozens of bars, restaurants, and cafes on the Oder Banks. The green area of Marina allows you to enjoy peaceful walks, or to relax on the benches nearby. There are also modern sculptures and mansions, inspired by history, spread amidst the unique atmosphere of the place. For the best views, head up to the Sand Island, just off the Oder River.

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