Lone Cypress


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Lone Cypress - 从 7 Mile Dr, United States
Lone Cypress - 从 7 Mile Dr, United States
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Lone Cypress
📍 从 7 Mile Dr, United States
The Lone Cypress is a Monterey Cypress tree, located in the Del Monte Forest in Monterey County, California, United States. It is situated off the 17-Mile Drive on the rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean. Its majestic setting, perched atop an isolated granite promontory, has made it an iconic symbol of both the Monterey Peninsula and of the state of California. The tree itself is believed to be 250 years old and stands 24 meters (80 feet) tall. Visiting this iconic landmark provides visitors with some of the most spectacular coastal views in the world. The Lone Cypress is a popular destination of tourists and nature enthusiasts. Be sure to take the 17-Mile Drive, a scenic-byway drive along the Pacific Coast, and make a stop at this unique destination. From the Lone Cypress, visitors have breathtaking views of the Pacific and the granite formations that can only be seen at Pebble Beach.

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