Lighthouse of Andenes


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Lighthouse of Andenes - Norway
Lighthouse of Andenes - Norway
Lighthouse of Andenes
📍 Norway
The Lighthouse of Andenes is located in the beautiful archipelago of Andøya, Norway. The lighthouse has been a landmark in this coastal landscape since 1855, where it helped guide sailors and fishermen safely through the treacherous waters. From it you can enjoy stunning views of the sea and islands. On clear days you can even see the midnight sun. There are lots of activities you can do in the area such as kayaking, whale watching and sea eagle safaris. Andenes is also known for its beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets. You should definitely explore the amazing rock formations along the shore or take a walk through the mossy cliffs. Don’t forget to breathe in the fresh, salty sea air. Andenes is a great place to refresh your senses and be surrounded by nature.

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