Lanxess Areana Parking


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Lanxess Areana Parking - 从 Inside, Germany
Lanxess Areana Parking - 从 Inside, Germany
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Lanxess Areana Parking
📍 从 Inside, Germany
Lanxess Arena Parking in Köln, Germany, is a 5 story underground car park with more than 2,500 parking spots located near the Lanxess Arena. The car park is open for 24 hours and provides access to both the city and the Lanxess Arena itself. The car park is equipped with modern security systems as well as numerous elevators and escalators that make it safe and comfortable for all visitors. Parking fees start from €2,00 per hour and can reach €15,00 for a full day. The car park also offers VIP parking spots and motorcycle parking. The car park is suitably located near public transportation such as bus and tram stops and is easily accessible to pedestrians. If you don't have the means to park your vehicle, you can use the park and ride option of the car park.

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