Lake Crescent


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Lake Crescent - 从 West Side, United States
Lake Crescent - 从 West Side, United States
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Lake Crescent
📍 从 West Side, United States
Lake Crescent is a beautiful and serene lake located close to Port Angeles in the United States. Stretching 6 miles long and ranging from 450 ft to 600 ft in depth, this deep blue expanse of cold, clear water is sure to captivate any traveler. Some of the most popular activities around the lake include swimming, paddling, fishing, hiking, and camping. Storm King Ranger station provides easy access to many of the trails that go around the lake and up the nearby mountains. Aside from its natural beauty, Lake Crescent is also a part of history. It was part of the Olympic National Park in 1938 and was later designated a National Natural Landmark in 1977. Whether you're looking for a weekend full of outdoor activities or a relaxing getaway, Lake Crescent is the perfect destination.

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