Lago di Braies


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Lago di Braies - 从 Small Hill, Italy
Lago di Braies - 从 Small Hill, Italy
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Lago di Braies
📍 从 Small Hill, Italy
Lago di Braies is an alpine lake located in the Val Pusteria valley of the Dolomites, a mountain range in the Tyrol region of Northern Italy. It is the most frequently photographed lake in the Dolomites and is a popular tourist attraction. The lake lies at the foot of Monte Prato Piazza and is fed by mountain streams coming from Monte Croce. The lake is renowned for its emerald green waters and rugged mountain backdrop, offering stunning views and nature walks. Hiking trails and boat rentals are available around the lake, as well as a restaurant on the shore which serves drinks and Italian cuisine. The lake is surrounded by thick pine and larch forests which make it a perfect spot for wildlife and bird watching. The surrounding area is home to countless mountain biking and rock climbing spots. It is also an ideal location for camping, with many campsites available nearby.

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