La Lauch


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La Lauch - 从 Rue Turenne, France
La Lauch - 从 Rue Turenne, France
La Lauch
📍 从 Rue Turenne, France
Located in the picturesque town of Colmar in France, La Lauch and Rue Turenne are two beautiful streets that are filled with colorful half-timber houses. The cobblestone streets and the brightly-colored timber panels make these streets a delight to walk through. The old-fashioned lights and the carved shutters further add to its charm.

The streets are dotted with numerous souvenir shops, artisan bakeries and other stores that offer a variety of local products ranging from wines to handicrafts. There is also a unique view of the old town, a fish market and a local cheesemonger. The picturesque canals, gardens and restaurants provide a perfect backdrop for the streets. The intersection of La Lauch and Rue Turenne is a popular spot for photographers to take in the beauty of the area. Take a walk and explore the area's lovely cafes and local sites. A visit to Colmar wouldn't be complete without a stroll down La Lauch and Rue Turenne.

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