La Clerecía


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La Clerecía - 从 Calle San Pablo, Spain
La Clerecía - 从 Calle San Pablo, Spain
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La Clerecía
📍 从 Calle San Pablo, Spain
La Clerecía and Calle San Pablo are two of the most famous streets to explore when visiting Salamanca, Spain. The architecture of this area is reminiscent of a medieval town and visitors can explore old churches, Spanish Renaissance style buildings, and centuries-old cobblestone streets. La Clerecía lies in the heart of old Salamanca, complete with multiple monuments and iconic university buildings. Calle San Pablo is a series of streets around La Clerecía and this area is full of exceptional examples of ancient architecture. Take a stroll down Calle San Pablo to admire the ornately decorated buildings, and snap some photos with the River Tormes in the background. There are gift shops, charming cafes, and local bars to relax in after a day of exploring Salamanca's incredible streets.

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