La cabaña


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La cabaña - 从 Seestraße, Germany
La cabaña - 从 Seestraße, Germany
La cabaña
📍 从 Seestraße, Germany
La Cabaña is located in Kochel am See, Germany; a small town located in the Bavarian Alps. This area is famous for its stunning views and the clear blue skies. La Cabaña, located near the shores of the beautiful Kochelsee Lake, offers a fantastic chance to explore the region and enjoy its spectacular views. The property has a wonderful garden to explore and have a meal in, and a playground for kids. There is a café nearby for snacks and drinks. If you’re looking for a peaceful spot to relax and partake in some activities, like fishing, canoeing and rowing, then La Cabaña is a great spot to consider. The nearby mountains are perfect for hiking and walking. La Cabaña is also close to some of the area's most interesting attractions. The Alpsee Bergwelt, the World’s Largest Hand Monument, the Walchensee lake and the Schloss Linderhof Castle are all located nearby.

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