Kungliga Opera


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Kungliga Opera - 从 Front, Sweden
Kungliga Opera - 从 Front, Sweden
Kungliga Opera
📍 从 Front, Sweden
Kungliga Opera, in Norrmalm, Sweden is one of the most iconic performing arts venues in the country. It spans two buildings, one of which is the neoclassical Opera House, built as a gift to Sweden by King Gustav III in 1782. It was designed by famed architect Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz and features a wealth of lavish interior decorations and a grand auditorium with a capacity of around 1,150. It is home to the Royal Swedish Ballet, the Royal Swedish Opera and the Swedish Royal Academy of Music, and plays host to concerts, dance performances, and operas. Visitors can take guided tours, which include a visit to the Royal Swedish Ballet and the Royal Swedish Opera, as well as a peek into a variety of rehearsal halls, costume ateliers and grandiose drawing rooms. The venue also hosts various international productions, so there is always something to keep you entertained.

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